Mums Fundraiser - Thank You!

Old Line FC works tirelessly to provide elite-level soccer coaching and training while also making club soccer affordable for Harford County families. It is a principal that Old Line FC was founded on and remains a priority today. Old Line FC is proud to announce that we had our most successful mum fundraiser to date, with families selling over 3,800 mums and earning over $16,000!

Our top individual fundraiser sold over 150 mums and earned over $650 towards their soccer costs! Our top group fundraiser (2010 Girls Black - Blast) sold over 425 Mums as a team and raised over $1,800!

This incredible fundraiser goes a long way towards maintaining Old Line FC’s goal of making club soccer more affordable for our players. We’d like to thank all Old Line FC families that participated. We’d also like to send a special thank you to Kroh’s Nursery ( for allowing us to order the mums and pick them up from their nursery each year. We appreciate it!